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Kearney is a quaint community of 800 people, located just north of Huntsville, Ontario and proudly hosts the largest dog sled race in Ontario.  The races are held annually on the 1st weekend of February, drawing teams and mushers from Alaska, Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario and the North Eastern States. Kearney hosts more than 70 competitive mushers along with novice and future mushers.

We host 5 races of different distances for the professional or beginner musher and trek through the beautiful northern wilderness.  We also host a race specifically for the up and coming young mushers.  Our event attracts fans from all over the world and we keep them all updated through online postings throughout the weekend.   The Kearney Dog Sled Race Committee has the mission to preserve the heritage of this exciting dog sport and to continue to support international enthusiasm for sports competition, education and awareness of this very special style of dog.

For more information on our community please visit the Town of Kearney website –

Kearney Dog Sled Races

© 2013 – Photo by Wayne Bridge

Kearney Dog Sled Races News

Ravens Adventure

Sprint Race Registration – Raven’s Adventures

Today’s feature musher is Gail from Ravens Adventures.  Gail travels from the Cochrane, Ontario area to attend the Kearney Dog Sled Races and enter the Sprint Race.  Above photo is Kearney 2013, photo by Hughes Photography   Question & Answer How many years have you been running dogs? Ten plus years Tell us about your…

skijoring registration

Ski-joring at the Kearney Dog Sled Races

      The Kearney Dog Sled Races offer several different race categories for participating mushers… and ski-jorers.  Not only are there Sprint Races (the 4 and 6 dog sprint races), the two day 10 Dog Stage Race and even a fun race for junior mushers with the Kid and Mutt races but there’s also…

Online Registration

      Although registration for the Kearney Dog Sled Races have been open since the fall, with the launch of our new website we now offer online registration to make the process simple.  Just visit our website and navigate to the Registration tab, under there you will find a Musher Registration page along with…

Musher Registration

2015 Race Registration Update

Please note changes in our Race Registration and Bib/Seeding Draw Updated December 2014     Friday 6-8 pm – Registration is Open for 4 dog, 6 dog, ski-joring and Stage Races. Friday 8 pm  Seeding for 4-Dog, 6-Dog and Ski-joring classes  – the Race Marshall will determine the mushers bib numbers for Saturday Races based…

New Website

Kearney Dog Sled Races New Website

Just in time for a new year we have a new Website! Launched December 31st 2014           The Kearney Dog Sled committee along with partnership funding from our local Regional Tourism Organization, Explorers Edge worked with a local web designer to bring a new online experience to visitors for the 2015…

Igloo Building

My winter home is an Igloo

              THE GRAND SHELTERS ICEBOX® The ICEBOX® igloo construction tool is used for igloo building by creating sequential blocks in place. You set the clamps on the form then fill it while packing. after you have filled it you unclamp it and slide it to the next position. A pole…

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