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Kearney is excited to host these amazing races, year after year. We are proud to offer a number of musher registration options to our competitors, scroll down for links at the bottom of the page for registration and rules.

Mushers can register in advance by mail, or on-line. Otherwise, registration starts Friday February 23rd 2018 at 6PM at the Kearney Community Centre.  Registration fees are determined by the race or races the mushers will participate in, and mushers packages can be picked up at this time as well. Packages include 2 free tickets per musher for the Sunday evening Lasagna dinner at our Closing Ceremonies, among other things.


The online registration form is at the bottom of this page.
NOTE: 10 Dog Stage Race – 8 entries registered by January 15th are required for this event to run.  Be sure to enter by January 15th,  2018 at 0000 hrs. $80.00· no entries will be accepted after 1800 hrs., February 23rd, 2018.  for entries received after January 15th 2018 at 0000 hrs. $100.00



The Featured Races


10 Dog Stage Race

musher registration 10 dog race
The 10 Dog Stage Race, 70 mile race is a two day race where the teams run 35 mile heats.  Mushers are also permitted to utilize a 12 dog pool with a maximum 10 dog team for each day’s heat.

6 Dog Sprint Race

musher registration 6 dog race
The 6 Dog Sprint Race is divided into purebred and open classes. This race is run down Main St in Kearney and looped to return back to Main St near the start line.

4 Dog Sprint Race

musher registration 4 dog race
The 4 Dog Sprint Race is divided into purebred and open classes. This race is run down main street in Kearney and looped to return back up main street without any head-on passing by the teams.

Ski-joring Race

musher registration skijoring
The 1 dog and 2 dog ski-joring races are 4 miles of fun out Main St, looping back to Main St near the start line.


Kid & Mutt Race

musher registration kid and mutt
Always fun for those who participate, both for the kids and the mutts.  This fun race always gets great response from the crowd as they cheer on the participants to try their best and cross the finish line

  • Race Page
  • Trophies & Medallions
  • Entry Fee $2


Race Payout Information

Race Category Purse
10 Dog, 2 day Stage Race $5,000 $80-$100*
6 Dog Sprint Race – open & purebred $2,800 $60
4 Dog Sprint Race – open & purebred $2,400 $50
1 Dog Skijoring $400 $25
2 Dog Skijoring $400 $25
Kid & Mutt $2

Please be sure to read and understand all of the rules for the Kearney Races in advance and have questions prepared for your race meeting.


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Musher Registration

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Musher Registration (PayPal Option)

  • * Final in person registration closes Saturday at 8am. In order to be included in seeding, participants must register and paid by 8PM Friday evening. (Ski-jorers and sprinters can register as late as 8AM Saturday morning, but they will not be included in seeding and their bib #’s will start after at the end of the seeded list.)
  • Kearney 100 Dog Stage Race Qualifying Races

  • To qualify to run in the Kearney 100 Stage Race, the musher has to have completed an event with a minimum of 30 miles continuous running.
    The Race Marshal will check qualification within two weeks of receiving the application to verify. Please complete a listing of qualifying races in the table below.
  • Optional Questions

    Qualifying information

  • Please verify and submit below after completing your registration form. Press the Submit button just once and if you are paying online wait for the payment form to load, this may take a minute or two.




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