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The Kearney Race welcomes the new format and looks forward to seeing returning distance and mid-distance mushers from previous races coming to experience the new format of mid-distance racing at our event.

This is the only Stage Race in Ontario.  The most popular Stage Race in North America is the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sleddog Race held in Jackson, Wyoming.  This is a 2 day race with a total time winning.  Two years ago this race was won by Aaron Peck who once lived and raced in Kearney.

Mushers will be permitted to utilize a 12 dog pool with a maximum 10 dog team size for each of the two days of racing. If a dog becomes fatigued or injured, up to 2 dogs can be replaced for the next day.  The race distance will be approx. 35 miles each day with the best cumulative time being the winner. Race Organizers currently have a $5000 purse and an entry fee of $80.00 prior to January 15th 2018.  Registration is non-refundable unless the race is cancelled due to less than 8 mushers registering before Jan 15th.

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The 10 Dog Stage Race Trail will start the same as it did last year, with the start line on Main St across from the LCBO in downtown Kearney, and then it will head south through Town until it heads into the bush at the walking trails and then onto the snowmobile trail for approximately 5 miles.  After leaving the snowmobile trail, the race will continue until it reaches Rain Lake Rd.  For 2018, we’ve decided to maintain the Coffee Lake Loop as was done last year. Mushers will start the return into Town, but they will stay right on Rain Lake Road.  Most of Rain Lake Rd is not plowed, but it will be groomed by the Snowmobile Club in time for Race Weekend.  Just before the teams reach Town, the race will return to the snowmobile trail for half a mile and then enter the Gravel Pit so they can follow the normal route to the Finish Line.


If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact the Committee through email at info@kearneydogsledraces.ca, or through our Facebook page.


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