Kearney Dog Sled Races Race Routes


Kearney is unique in that races start and finish on Main Street, thereby turning dog sled racing into a spectators sport.  Also Kearney’s races are noted for being very challenging as well as very scenic.

Most challenging about Kearney’s races are the many hills, both up and down, as other races are often run on golf courses, through open fields or on unused rail beds.



Kearney Dog Sled Race has a purse of $11,000.

  • 10 Dog Stage Race – $ 5,000
  • 6 Dog Sprint Race –  $ 2,800
  • 4 Dog Sprint Race –  $ 2,400
  • Ski-joring Race      –  $ 800
Race Routes

This Years Race Routes are:


10 Dog Stage Race

The 10 Dog Stage Race is a very challenging, 35 mile course. This race starts on Main Street in downtown Kearney, and enters the forest before following the snowmobile trail. It then runs on unused ATV and logging trails before returning to the snowmobile trail and finishing on Main Street. (more)


4 Dog Sprint & Ski-joring Races

Similar to the start of the 6 Dog Sprint, the 4 Dog Sprint Race and Ski-joring Race also start on Main Street in Kearney, and then moves into a forested trail, however it is a different course with fewer hills than the longer sprint.



6 Dog Sprint Race

The 6 Dog Sprint Race starts on Main Street in downtown Kearney and loops to finish on Main Street as well, but without requiring the teams to meet head-on with any teams coming back in the opposite direction.  Along with the portion of the route in town, the course runs through the forest with many hills, both up and down. This is a very scenic and challenging route, so we ensure there are sufficient volunteers to maintain safety for the mushers and their teams at all crucial junctions (i.e., snowmobile trail or road crossings). (more)


Kid & Mutt Race

Always fun for those who participate, both for the kids and the mutts.  This fun race always gets great response from the crowd as they cheer on the participants to try their best and cross the finish line. (more)


Race Route News

skijoring registration

Ski-joring at the Kearney Dog Sled Races

      The Kearney Dog Sled Races offer several different race categories for participating mushers… and ski-jorers.  Not only are there Sprint Races (the 4 and 6 dog sprint races), the two day 10 Dog Stage Race and even a fun race for junior mushers with the Kid and Mutt races but there’s also…

Online Registration

      Although registration for the Kearney Dog Sled Races have been open since the fall, with the launch of our new website we now offer online registration to make the process simple.  Just visit our website and navigate to the Registration tab, under there you will find a Musher Registration page along with…

New Website

Kearney Dog Sled Races New Website

Just in time for a new year we have a new Website! Launched December 31st 2014           The Kearney Dog Sled committee along with partnership funding from our local Regional Tourism Organization, Explorers Edge worked with a local web designer to bring a new online experience to visitors for the 2015…


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