Tips for SAFE Sled Dog Race Photography

How to Have a Fun Weekend of Photography while Keeping the Dogs Safe

Photographing a sled dog race can be an exciting day for anyone! We would like to remind everyone who is out on our trails of how to get great shots while also keeping our mushers and their dogs safe.

Even as a spectator, it is important to be aware of your surroundings on race day. The dog lot and the start/finish lines can be very busy places!

Sled dogs are trained by their mushers to run by distractions such as people with clicking cameras, children waving at the dogs, and cheering fans, however things can still go wrong. Please follow these tips from our race committee to ensure that you are doing your part to keep everyone running smoothly on race weekend.

  1. PLEASE STAY OFF THE TRAIL. Sit, stand, or crouch at least 2 feet off the race trail.
  2. DO NOT LAY DOWN if possible. As much as we know that you want the best images, laying down can scare the dogs. If they don’t see you in time, it could cause the team to tangle or crash.
  3. DO NOT MOVE WHILE A TEAM RUNS BY. Allow the musher to guide their team past you. If they have a problem and must stop. Ask if they need your help to get running again.
  4. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. If you move locations, PLEASE look behind you every few seconds to ensure no dog teams are coming. Alternatively, try to walk backwards or sidestep down the trail to avoid surprises.
  5. NO FOOD. We want to ensure that the dogs are not distracted on their way by you. If you get the munchies, try to have a snack that is easily consumed and put away quickly.
  6. PLEASE SHARE YOUR PICTURES WITH US! Mushers would LOVE to see their teams in action. Please send images to our Facebook page or our website!


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