We are so pleased to announce that our purse for mushers this year will be well over $12,000 in value thanks to our incredible sponsors and hard work by our race committee members.

Our monetary purse for winners is a total of $8,000 broken down by Open Class and Registered Northern Breed (RNB) classes. We encourage everyone to review the full breakdown in our spreadsheet below. To honour the significant legacy of RNB teams, we wanted to make sure our purse review was respectful, realistic, and also reflective of the number of RNB mushers that join us each year. Our committee put our heads together and sought support from our race marshal to create a unique new purse that we believe is really great!

When looking at our spreadsheet you will see that many mushers will be walking away with either cash in hand, a bag of Inukshuk Professional Dog Food, or both! We have an entire pallet of dog food to give away. Not included, but still very important and exciting, is that through sponsorship from M.R. Jutzi Auctions we will have MANY prizes to raffle for FREE to mushers and handlers at the end of our awards ceremonies. This adds significant additional value to our purse value as well.

RNB Teams have “Add” in their purse columns. Why? Because if an RNB team places within 7th place of the total pack in their class they will “add” the money to their winnings from our open class purse. An example would be if a racer places 1st in RNB but 5th place overall, they will “add” $200 to their winnings. This would be a total of $400. We feel that this is honours and respects legacy our traditional sled dog breeds have contributed to sled dog sports around the world for thousands of years. If your RNB team can beat out the hounds, credit will be given where credit is due!

We would encourage anyone with questions about our race purse and prize breakdown to email us any time. We are happy to explain further.

Mushers – PLEASE go and give our race sponsors a positive review on their social media and on google ASAP! Tell them how much you appreciate their support of the races

  • Inukshuk Professional Dog Food
  • Algonquin West ATV Club
  • Royal Canadian Legion – Kearney Branch
  • Fetterley’s Garage/Gas and Convenience
  • M.R. Jutzi Auctions
  • North Ridge Ranch dog sled tours
  • Hunt’s Contracting – Kearney
  • Scarlett Point Retreat
  • Waste Connections Canada
  • Nancy Carr Realty
8 Dog 20 Mi 8 dog RNB 6 dog open 6 dog RNB 4 dog open 4 dog RNB 2 Dog open 2 dog RNB 2 dog skijor
1 dog skijor
1st place bag & $600 Add $200 bag & $570 Add $175 bag & $390 Add $125 bag & $180 Add $75 bag & $180 bag & $120
2nd place bag & $400 Add $150 bag & $380 Add $105 bag & $260 Add $75 bag & $150 Add $50 bag & $150 bag & $100
3rd place bag & $300 Add $100 bag & $285 Add $70 bag & $195 Add $50 bag & $120 Add $25 bag & $120 bag & $80
4th place $250 bag $238 bag $163 bag $90 bag $90 $60
5th place $200 bag $190 bag $130 bag $60 bag $60 $40
6th place $150 bag $142 bag $97 bag bag bag bag bag
7th place $100 bag $95 bag $65 bag bag bag bag bag
8th place bag bag bag bag
9th place bag bag bag bag
10th place bag bag bag bag
Red Lantern bag bag bag bag bag bag
GRAND TOTAL $8,000 $2000 $450 $1900 $350 $1300 $250 $600 $150 $600 $400
rnb Specific Purse $1,200


Kearney Dog Sled Races

8 Main Street East Box 38
Kearney, Ontario P0A 1M0

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