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Inukshuk Professional Dog Food has been a proud sponsor of our historical event since 2023. Inukshuk provides our event with a FULL PALLET of dog food to be distributed to winning competitors and all special award winners! We cannot thank them enough for their continued support of Ontario's largest sled dog racing event.

We value this partnership for several reasons, one being that Inukshuk actually began to support Canada's sled dogs and meet their intense nutritional requirements. Another reason they are important to our race is that Inukshuk powers a large number of the dog teams you see competing in Kearney. The testimonials on their website say it all. Their innovative formulas have what it takes to keep active dogs happy and healthy so that they can continue to do the work they love. They have 5 different high-energy formulas to choose from so that you can match the right food to your dogs nutritional needs.

Sled dogs specifically require a high quality dog food with good sources of healthy fats. Dogs use fat as their primary source of energy, therefore, it is very important that high energy dogs use food that can meet their needs. Fats are a dense source of energy that is necessary to keeping working dogs active and healthy. They help maintain a shiny coat and can prevent skin disorders.

Protein is just as important and has several roles in a dog's body. It provides the energy needed in repairing and buildings muscle tissues, growing new skin cells, hair, nails, it creates the hormones and enzymes needed to function normally and it keeps their immune system strong. Two of the best sources of protein are chicken and fish, which are key components of Inukshuk Dog Food.

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