4 Dog Sprint Race Route


Similar to the 6 Dog Sprint, the 4 Dog Sprint utilizes a team of 4 Dogs that must be used on both days and race times from both days are added together to determine the winning teams. Many owners of sprinting teams compete in both 6 Dog and 4 Dog races, with different teams and sometimes different mushers to gain additional experience.

Sprinters can complete these shorter courses so fast that we often see the first several teams coming back in before all of their competitors have had a chance to even start. These make for very exciting races for spectators and volunteers alike.

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Route Details

This race is run down Main Street in Kearney and is looped to return back to Main Street without the teams ever having the possibility of meeting head-on.  After Main Street, the course runs through the forest, and once around the eastern forest and pit loop.  This is a very scenic and challenging route, and any snowmobile trail or road crossings are manned by volunteers to ensure safety for the mushers and teams.

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    4 & 6 Dog Race Route