6 Dog Sprint Race Route


This sprint race consists of a 6 Dog team, and includes both purebred and open categories.  The same course, utilizing the same dogs, is run by each Musher on both Saturday and Sunday, with the total time from both days determining the winner.  In previous years we have had racers from Ontario, Quebec, several Northern States and Jamaica competing.

Dogs in the open class are usually a mixed breed, utilizing any combination of Alaskan Huskies, German Short-Hair Pointers, English Pointers, Greyhounds, etc. The emphasis is to breed the race dogs for speed and stamina, stride length, feet health, etc. as well as more general considerations like climate and type of racing. The Purebred class is generally thought of as the more traditional sled dogs, such as Siberian Huskies but we’ve seen teams of Border Collies, Setters, and even spaniels compete in past years. This category is satisfied by any dog team that has purebred papers.

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Route Details

The race is run down Main Street in Kearney and is looped to return back to Main Street without the teams ever having the possibility of meeting head-on. After Main Street, the course runs through the forest, with many hills for the mushers to tackle. The eastern loop from the past couple of years has been removed and re-designed to avoid confusion. This is a very scenic and challenging route and any snowmobile trail or road crossings are manned by volunteers to ensure safety for the mushers and teams.


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