8 Dog, 20 Mile Race

The Kearney Dog Sled Races Committee would like to announce the official comeback of this 20 mile, mini mid-distance style class. We have a brand-new trail and new opportunities to get out there with your dogs.  This class is a modified return to what used to be our 10-dog stage race many years ago. The new route for the course runs through the Almaguin Highlands back country bush, hills, lakes, and outlying areas of the town of Kearney. A minimum of 6 dogs is required to race in this class. The course will include running a portion of the 6-mile trail used by our sprint teams which features stunning views of the highlands while you run through the fields that are now a golf course in warmer months.

The purse is to be determined for this class, as is the official race day schedule of events.
Please continue to read on about the rules and regulations for this race class including mandatory equipment requirements that are non-negotiable.

10 dog stage race



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Rules and Expectations

This is a huge undertaking for our trail boss and his small but mighty team. The price of gas and maintaining our equipment is also significantly higher than previous years. With that, will be asking for a few things in return.


  •  The course will only run if there are at least 11 teams signed up by the registration deadline.
  • Entry fee is due immediately upon registering (cheque or paypal to kdogsled@gmail.com).
  • Half of the entry fee is non-refundable after January 12, 2024
  • Entries MUST be in by Friday January 12th, 2024. Late entries will be considered until February 1, 2024.
  • Registration will be broken up into open and registered breed, however, there is no separate purse offered for both classes. This is a singular purse class.

We have a specific set of rules for our 20 mile class that is non-negotiable. While we utilize IFSS rules and regulations, the KDSR race committee reserves the right to implement additional safety measures for dogs and mushers. These additional requirements have been created in collaboration with our race marshal. Please review the list of items required to be in your sled bag at the start of the race on Saturday and Sunday. If you attend without any of the items required, penalties are enforced.

A full copy of the 8-Dog 20 Miler rules is here. Some of the mandatory requirements for gear:

  • One (1) working headlamp
  • Sleeping bag with winter or arctic rating.
  • One set (4) of booties per dog. (can be in the bag or on the dog)
  • Two pounds of dog food (kibble or meat), must be in the sled when starting each day.
  • One day’s ration of food for the musher, must be in the sled when starting each day
  • One knife and one Ax or saw (minimum size 22 inches handle or blade).
  • First aid kit (for musher and dogs) including Ace bandages and pressure dressings for severe bleeding.
  • A cable cutter you know will cut your cable gangline. (It is strongly recommended that this be carried in an easily accessible spot.)
  • Compass
  • Waterproof matches or a lighter


Route Details

The 8 Dog Race Trail will start backwards at our "finish line" for all other classes but return in the same direction as the rest of the race. Mushers will head south out of town on our public snowmobile trail system before entering onto Clear Lake, Bay Lake, and Emsdale Lake. The trail will continue through Patton Road and then reconnect to our existing trail system that utilized some public walking trails and a large golf course. The trail will have a healthy amount of hilled sections near the end of the course so be sure to save some fuel in your dogs for the end!

The committee is working closely with our trail help and will post updates to our Facebook page to let our stage race mushers know as fast as we do about trail conditions and changes.

If you have any questions or concerns about our race course, please contact the Committee through email at info@kearneydogsledraces.ca, or through our Facebook page. We are always happy to speak with mushers and will answer as quickly as we are able.

Race Information


Kearney Dog Sled Races

8 Main Street East Box 38
Kearney, Ontario P0A 1M0

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