Kid & Mutt Race Route

This race is for up and coming world champions!  A young person races with one dog on Main Street for a short distance on both Saturday and Sunday.  Many of our racers started by entering this race.  This is a real crowd pleaser and very exciting for the young mushers.

Each musher receives a medal for participating in this race.   The young people do not have to be from a dog racing family but can be anyone with a dog and sled.

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Kid and Mutt Rules

  1. Entries of one dog and one sled.
  2. Entrants must be between 6 year to 12 years old. Please consult the Race Marshal for younger mushers.
  3. Each driver must drive the dog to the finish line, meaning a parent or handler must not lead the dog to the finish line. Once the drive has started the race, it is driver and dog ONLY on the race course. If the dog turns off the course, someone can help put it back on the courese but must let go once the dog has started on the trail again. Coaxing the dog at the finish line is acceptable and encouraged.
  4. A time limit of 3 minutes on the race course will be used. If this time is used up, the entrant will be given a time of 3 minutes and asked to step aside and make room for the next driver.
  5. 20 drivers will be allowed to start on Saturday with the top 10 fastest drivers advancing to Sunday’s Final.

*Any questions will be addressed prior to the start on Saturday by the Race Marshal.*


Route Details

This race is ran for a short distance on Main Street allowing for visitors to not only watch the race but to also cheer on their favourite young mushers and mutts.


Race Information