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The 10 Dog Stage Race Course has now been finalized

10 dog stage race

After a very damp fall, winter has arrived and frozen all the wet ground enough that our Trails Team has finally been able to get out to check on the trails! Using the feedback from previous races, and their knowledge of the area around Kearney, the men have come up with a new trail system for our mid-distance 10 Dog Stage Race course and everything looks great!

The new 10 Dog Stage Race course begins and ends in downtown Kearney, as all our races do, with 4 miles of existing snow mobile trail. After this, however, the fully GPS’d 45 mile course leaves the snowmobile trails behind for mostly unused logging roads and ATV trails. There is a short section where the teams will run on Rain Lake Rd, out towards Algonquin Park, before heading back in to the beautiful woods throughout this area. The men on the Trails Team have boasted that this is the best course we’ve ever had, with gorgeous scenery and enough hills and curves to make it challenging.

Mid-distance Mushers will be glad to hear that the dangerous, hilly, crooked section of snowmobile trail B101, including the Bear Creek Gorge and some rather narrow bridges that were a part of the 120 mile overnight course used during the 2014 Races, has been eliminated entirely from this year’s course.

As of January 15th, the entire course had been fully groomed 6 times, and we will continue to groom it from now until Race Weekend to ensure it’s in great shape for the races.

Thank you to our 10 Dog Stage Race Sponsor Moore Propane.

10 Dog Stage Race Course Map

stage race course

Visit the 10 Dog Stage Race Page  •  View this map in interactive Google Maps

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