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We would like to take a moment to pay tribute to our volunteer team (Don’t worry, not like in the Hungry Games!)

The race committee and all of our competitors wish to thank the massive team of people that volunteered for the 25th year of the Kearney Dog Sled Races. All together we had over 60 people volunteering their time for race weekend, some starting as early as 4:00am Saturday finalize trail markings and organize the dog lot ( Especially for a ‘specific someone’ who showed up promptly at 5:00am to secure his space 😉 ). Without the time and effort committed by each of these individuals, our race would not be possible.

It truly does take a village to make such a large event take place year after year. We are blessed with a community with a huge heart and lots of support for our race. Our team came from as near at Main Street, and as far as Windsor, Ontario to volunteer in this year’s festivities. Many work behind the scenes in the kitchens, or far out in the Algonquin evergreens for the entire weekend and get little recognition for their service.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many other community partners, vendors, and sponsors that are an integral part of this ever evolving team. We partner with several local businesses and community members based in the surrounding townships. We are always appreciative and excited to have all our sponsors be a part of our race weekend.

The race committee hopes that we can all raise our glasses and our dog bowls to this group of incredible people. We wish them well in the year to come, and hope to all come together again in 2020 for the 26th year of racing in Kearney, Ontario.

Cheers, and THANK YOU for everything each of you does to make this event happen! See you all in 2020 !



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